Little Mountain rezoning Open Houses Nov 28 & Dec 3

Little Mountain rezoning plan Nov 2015

The City of Vancouver has announced two Open Houses to present a new rezoning proposal for the 15.3 acre (6.81 ha) site. The site is being developed by Holborn, the firm behind the new Trump Tower. The IBI Group has taken over the role of the lead architect for the project. The Open Houses are scheduled for the following times:

  • Saturday, November 28, 2015, 11am – 3pm (4860 Main St / General Brock Elementary)
  • Thursday, December 3, 2015, 5 – 8pm (4925 Cambie / Holy Name of Jesus Parish)

Approximately 600 residents were displaced in 2009 when 220 affordable housing units were demolished on the Little Mountain Housing site. Only 53 of these units have been replaced in a new 5-storey building that opened in the fall of 2014. Other than this one new building, the site is empty.

A total of 181 units of social housing are still required to be replaced in the site redevelopment plan. The rezoning proposal presents buildings in the 3 to 12 storey range. Another 1,400 units of residential housing are planned for the site. Amenities on the site include a 69-space childcare facility and a relocated Little Mountain Neighbourhood House. A number of mature trees would be removed under the proposed layout and new north-south street would be added to the site (with extensions of E35th and E36th Avenues). Additional plans and details are available on the City’s website.

Trump Meggs HolbornAccording to Vision Vancouver’s 2014 disclosure form, Holborn gave the party a total of $105,000 in campaign contributions. Vision Vancouver holds 7 out of 11 seats on City Council. On the Provincial level, Holborn gave Christy Clark $5,000 towards her leadership race in 2011. The BC NDP received $12,200 total from Holborn since 2010 while the BC Liberals took the lion’s share of the contributions, with $118,500 going to the party’s coffers.

The sale of the lands to Holborn by BC Housing took place back on June 25, 2015 (the property had a book value $87 million). The site rezoning languished last year as the City and the developer were at an impasse over the delivery of amenities. Their differences appear now to have been resolved and the proposal is no longer on hold.

An excellent summary of the history of the site redevelopment project can be found the following post: Little Mountain Synopsis by Ned Jacobs (Jan 27, 2012)

CityHallWatch has covered the Little Mountain Housing Project in much detail over the years. A number of links to previous posts are listed below:



One thought on “Little Mountain rezoning Open Houses Nov 28 & Dec 3

  1. The only social housing returned to the Little Mountain site is at the far South-East corner, as far away as the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Park Board could displace it from Queen Elizabeth Park, the Bloedel Conservatory, Hillcrest Park, Nat Bailey stadium and the Hillcrest Centre while still remaining on Little Mountain and if the COV, VPB, City Council and Park Board have their way their won’t be anymore of ‘ those people ‘ at Little Mountain.
    The Hillcrest Centre has still not endorsed the Leisure Access Card while at the same time VPB managers work out of that location, that’s more than just coincidence and refusing to accept LAC cards for admission is a position overwhelmingly supported by area residents.
    The new plans are just starting points and likely to see increased heights in order to justify fulfilling any previous commitments. As they rag the puck on proceeding more of the previous residents will die off or move from Vancouver which will allow the COV to re-stock the land with limited rental units defined as ‘affordable’ or as Councillor Jang has mandated ‘those that someone can afford’
    And let’s not forget that while the COV has consistently encouraged the demolition of sustainable family homes at Little Mountain, Marine Gardens or others they’ve only been replaced with units, they’ve yet to re-create the Communities that were paved over but hey, that’s not where the money is.

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