CensusMapper provides visual image of unoccupied dwellings at block level in Metro Vancouver region

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About Census Mapper (excerpts from website, by Jens von Bergmann and Alejandro Cervantes)
Census Mapper grew out of curiosity toward the social and geographic fabric around us, the need for data to understand it and frustration with the inaccessibility of data.

Census Mapper aims to provide a simple but powerful canvas to seamlessly visualize any census variable, or combination of variables across all of Canada at appropriate aggregation levels. The user experience should be simple and empowering, putting the great resource of the Canada Census data into everyones hands.

This would have been much more satisfying if the quality of the census data had not been eroded. Nonetheless we feel it is important to make this data easily accessible so that people can more easily see what it can be used for — and what it could be used for if it would have been allowed to continue to provide highly reliable data.

For more information on Census Data and issues related to it refer to the Census Data information.


Why CensusMapper?

Census Canada data is extremely rich and useful in many cirumstances, but it is not being widely used. There are many reasons for this, the somewhat unmanageable amount of data being one of them, the difficulty of accessing and standardizing the in principle freely available datasets is another.

Census data is inherently geographic in nature, working with the data without proper visualization tools can be challenging too. And even for people that have good access to the data and that are well-versed in mapping geographic data, it can still take quite a bit of time to generate maps visualizing the data. CensusMapper greatly speeds up this process by allowing straightforward mapping of any function derived from census variables through all geographic aggregation levels Canada wide.

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