City to rehearse neighbourhood emergency planning – Riley Park neighbourhood (General Wolfe School), Nov 14 (Sat)

earthquake seismic graph(Important news from City of Vancouver – Media Advisory)

On Saturday, November 14, the City of Vancouver is conducting an emergency exercise in the Riley Park neighbourhood. The purpose of the exercise is to test emergency plans and further improve emergency planning within the city and among residents to better prepare for the potential consequences of a severe weather event and prolonged power outage.

The exercise will include setup of an Incident Command Post (ICP) by the Vancouver Police Department, Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, City of Vancouver and members of Vancouver Volunteer Corps (VVC). VVC members will also be going door to door to simulate conducting wellness checks with residents.

Staff from the City’s Emergency Management team and Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services will be available to provide an overview of the exercise as well tips for how all Vancouver residents and businesses can ensure they are prepared for emergencies.

When: Saturday, November 14, 10:30am
Where: General Wolfe Elementary School (parking lot) 4251 Ontario Street
Who: Daniel Stevens, Director Emergency Management, City of Vancouver
Jonathan Gormick, Public Information Officer, Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services

The wellness checks will include a short survey asking residents how prepared they are in the event of a major emergency or disaster. During such an emergency, residents may lose important services, such as electricity, water, phones, and transit or may even need to leave their home or shelter-in-place. Residents may need to take care of themselves and their families for up to 72 hours while first responders help those in urgent need.

For more information on emergency preparedness please visit

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