Getting The Brush Off At The Vancouver FOI Office

City Hall FOI

Jak's View of Vancouver v.3

For many months I have been trying to get some information from City of Vancouver through an FOI request. They have stymied me and delayed me at every turn,  Finally, yesterday, I wrote an official complaint to the Commission of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act

“I wish to lodge an official complaint about the handing an FOI request by the City of Vancouver FOI Office.

On 14th July 2015, I filed an FOI request to  On July 15th 2015, I received an email signed by Cobi Falconer, FOI Case Manager, “acknowledging” my request, assigning number 2015-189, and stating they “are required to respond by August 26, 2015.”

On July 24th, I received an email from Cobi Falconer to which was attached an estimate of $510.00, and a demand that 50% (or $255.00) be paid before work could begin.  The demand quoted section…

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