Space heaters, open flames at Telus Garden restaurant. Ignored in Greenest City plans?

Open flame at Telus Garden

While there is a push to ban outdoor patio space heaters in Europe, the City’s updated Greenest City plans makes NO attempt to address this practice. It goes without saying that it is not a green and sustainable policy to allow the burning of fossil fuels basically to heat the outdoors.

outdoor space heaterThe new Telus Gardens restaurant on West Georgia Street has a number of outdoor patio space heaters as well as open flame displays (pictured). There are many outdoor space heaters around Vancouver. Is it time for the City and businesses to show some leadership and finally tackle the issue of needless CO2 emissions from outdoor space heaters? But there is hope. Citizens could get more proactive and talk to the management of establishments, and talk to elected officials. The space heaters are a symbolic and at the same time real example of the human condition in the face of climate change.

For further details on outdoor space heaters, please see the following posts:

Outdoor Space Heater Telus

open flame display

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