Massive tower proposed for 5050 Joyce Street. 14.3 FSR, 29-storeys

tower proposal 5050 joyceThe City of Vancouver is considering a rezoning proposal for a massive tower at 5050 Joyce Street. The overall density of the proposed 29-storey tower is 14.33 FSR. To the best of our knowledge, there are no residential buildings with a FSR in excess of 9 that are located outside of the downtown core. Even in the downtown, a FSR of 14.33 would be considered extremely high (such a high density is not permitted in the Downtown District zoning, but rather only in a handful of CD-1 spot zonings).

This tower proposal was only recently made public, during the final stages of the Joyce-Collingwood Station Precinct Review. The last day for public feedback on this precinct review is on November 4th (a survey form is available on the City’s website). It’s interesting that the City has shown this proposal so late in the precinct review. This site is already zoned as C-2 mixed commercial/residential. Could one have the impression that the “Precinct Review” was merely a pretext to put more massive towers in Renfrew-Collingwood?

Further data is sorely needed from the City. How much density is there already in the Joyce-Collingwood area? How many units are coming on line? What are the issues related livability, human scale, views, safety, affordability and services for the neighbourhood? Will low-cost rental units in the area be put under redevelopment pressures?

The name of developer is not revealed publicly, but one source informs us that it is Westbank Projects Corp (CEO Ian Gillespie); the City lists the applicant as Henriquez Partners Architects. Those two have partnered on many surprise, blockbusting, bylaw violating tower projects in Vancouver, that also happen to be way out of scale compared to the existing zoning policy and guidelines.

An interesting comment made by a reader reveals a few more details about this rezoning (comment dated October 22, 2015, under one of our previous posts):

“On Tuesday Oct. 21st, a rezoning application sign went up in front of 5050 Joyce, proposing rezoning for a 29 story tower. We were already planning to attend the Joyce-Collingwood Station Precinct Review Open House Oct 21. We left the open house with a couple of cookies, and the impression that the city has already made a decision to proceed with rezoning, as the 3 options presented at the open house on Oct. 22nd all show towers at this location.

Across the hall, they were holding an info session on the rezoning application, where they promoted the new tower as being geared towards families. More than half of the 236 units are one bedrooms.”

One thought on “Massive tower proposed for 5050 Joyce Street. 14.3 FSR, 29-storeys

  1. Perhaps, since the name has been freed from the Names of Places in British Columbia, we put forward a motion to City Hall for the formal renaming of the City formerly know as Vancouver to … Westbank.

    They seem to have put their name across most of the City this millennia and it is evident they are a major player in the oligarchy making decisions, You might even say they already “own” it.

    So, let’s let’s bow our heads – backwards – and provide reverence to our new overlords.

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