City staff to present changes to “Tenant Protection & Relocation Policies & Guidelines” Oct 30 (Fri), 10 am

3120 - 3184 Knight Street walkups“Heads up” for renters and people who follow rental-related policies of the City of Vancouver. This meeting will be important. Changes are being proposed in the “Tenant Protection and Relocation Policies and Guidelines,” which must be followed by developers. They significantly affect renters, especially when developers are planning to redevelop the building you live in. The meeting is in the West End but the implications are city-wide. The proposed changes are expected to go to City Council for approval in the not-too-distant future. Big question: Will the proposed changes improve tenant protection?


Seniors Community Planning Table – West End
Friday October 30, 2015
At Central Presbyterian Church – 1155 Thurlow Street, Vancouver
Meeting 10:00 am-12:00 pm
(Coffee and snacks available at 9:45)

9:45 Welcome, Meet and Greet (coffee, tea, snacks)
10:00 Acceptance of Agenda, Introductions and Announcements
10:10 Presentation from City of Vancouver on Recommended Tenant Protection and Relocation Policies and Guidelines
– The City of Vancouver staff will give a presentation about the Tenant
relocation plan and review protection for renters in more areas across the city.
• City Of Vancouver Housing Team ( Sarah and Edna)
o Discussion, Questions and Answers (~15 min)
11:15 10 minute Break
11:25 Committee Updates and New Business (~30 min)
• Stamps Place Tenants Council Update ( BC Housing Asset
Transfer Program), Guy Wakeman (~10-15 min)
• Compass Card Update- Linda McGowan, MVT (~5 min)
• Seniors Advisory Committee Events – Heidi &Peggy (~5 min)
• Central Presbyterian Redevelopment(~5 min)
• Other/ New Business (~5 min)
11:55 Meeting Wrap Up / Final Announcements
12:00 Adjourn and clean up



Protecting existing rental housing and helping tenants relocate

Our Zoning and Development Bylaw requires redevelopment projects with six or more dwelling units to replace every demolished rental unit.

If your rezoning and development application has existing rental units where tenants will be displaced, read our guidelines on minimum requirements for tenant relocation plans and use our templates.


Forms and checklists


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