City of Vancouver permits 24-hour construction noise near Marine & Cambie. Potentially affects thousands. Effective immediately, for 4 days.

Construction advisory Marine Gardens 26-Oct-2015Residents around Marine Gardens at Cambie and Marine received this notice from a contractor telling them to be prepared for construction noise 24 hours a day for the next four days, starting today. It was delivered just one day in advance, leaving little time for alternative arrangements. What about shift workers, the elderly, people with health issues, children? Thousands of people are potentially affected.

On October 27 – 30th , 2015, Pedre Contractors Ltd. will be conducting work associated with the construction site located on Southwest Marine Drive East of Cambie.

Construction vehicles and equipment will need to be utilized to complete this work.
Due to the magnitude of the work required, the City of Vancouver has permitted the following:
・Southwest Marine Drive East of Cambie. (no closure required): October 27 – 30, 2015 between the hours of 8:00 pm to 8:00 am
Please note: Pedre Contractors Ltd., has applied for and has received a noise bylaw exemption for the above stated hours.
Pedre Contractors Ltd. thanks you for your patience and understanding.
Questions of concerns?
Contact Jay Brown 604-754-7186
Pedre Contractors Ltd.


Note: The recipients of the notice are near the Concord Pacific construction site for two towers approved earlier this year, despite considerable opposition, some controversy regarding covert involvement of realtors, and the fact that the site of Marine Gardens was one of the model projects for the Habitat 76 Forum, where the Vancouver Declaration on and housing as a basic human rights was issued.

If you wish to address your concerns to the city, try calling 311. You may also wish to reach Mayor and Council. Give them a call.


CityHallWatch comment

This is just one of many examples in which residents of Vancouver are seriously affected by demolition and construction work. This case appears to be in compliance with regulations, as permitted by the City of Vancouver. However, it exposes the imbalance. Residents are victims, while the industry is protected. We call for efforts to create a dialogue between city officials, industry representatives, academics, and the public, in order to get Vancouver into the twenty-first century with its policies and practices. Even with these lax regulations, violations by the industry are rampant and enforcement is lax.

If you are interested in this discussion and a future public meeting on the topic, send us a line at


About Marine Gardens

Paradise (to be) Lost: Marine Gardens Townhouse Community

Marine Gardens, the Habitat 76 Forum and housing as a basic human right (Vancouver Declaration)


More reading and resources about noise and the industry

If you have concern about any demolition or construction impact, call the City at 311. Also, e-mail


  • Noise, the most common complaint, is regulated by the Noise By-law. Construction noise in any zone is limited to these hours:

7:30 am to 8 pm (Monday – Friday)
10 am to 8 pm (Saturday)
(In case you didn’t notice, that means SIX days a week.)
No construction noise is permitted on Sundays or holidays.

Permission can be granted for noise outside of these hours for special circumstances.

  • Concerns about noise? Call theNoise Hotline at 604.873.7753 (or604.717.3321 after 5pm).

For other concerns about a construction site, file a complaint with the 311 Call Centre (604.873.7000)and ask City staff to investigate.

For general or specific questions about City Zoning or Building by-laws, call the Telephone Enquiry Centre at 604.873.7611.

The Noise Control Bylaw is the most comprehensive source of information on the subject:

For further assistance on any topic, please contact the City of Vancouver at:

3-1-1 (within Vancouver)
604.873.7000 (outside Vancouver)

Staff can take your call from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, 7 days/week, 365 days/year (including holidays). The City offers interpretation services in over 170 languages.

Visit the City of Vancouver’s website for further information on City services at



A decent sound meter costs about $75.

Here is a sound meter app you can use on an Apple product. $19.99 Download. Works on an iPhone and iPad. Description: SoundMeter turns your iOS device into a handheld sound level meter (SLM) with support for exponential-time-weighted sound level (Lp) and equivalent sound level (Leq) measurements with various time and frequency weightings. The built-in signal generator tool can be used for generating calibration test tones, noise, chirps, or other periodic. 

6 thoughts on “City of Vancouver permits 24-hour construction noise near Marine & Cambie. Potentially affects thousands. Effective immediately, for 4 days.

  1. Appalling. But we elected these turkeys. (Not with my vote though). When will people make meaningful objections or is this yet another case of “Everyone agreed, thought it was a great idea”… as is the case with every public ‘hearing’ regardless of the countless objectors.

  2. I really feel sorry for anyone who buys a condo in that area and I will tell you why.
    1. The noise. Not just from the intersection of Cambie & Marine, but from the large transit loop and the screeching Skytrains stopping at Marine Drive station. There is also air traffic from an international airport,.
    2. There is a transfer station, a recycling depot, a pulp mill and other various industries along the river, not really your breathtaking views.
    3. The smell. If it doesn’t smell like burnt toast (please, someone tell me why Marpole smells like burnt toast) then its the pulp mill, Lush cosmetics or the transfer station. Thats right, some days its REEKS of garbage.

    So if you plan to buy there and you are reading this, please, reconsider.

  3. I would just like to add, I believe this is more due to the ongoing traffic delays that happen in the area due to construction. I am sure they are hoping to get a lot of work done without all those lanes blocked by pesky drivers in their automobiles.

  4. It would be very interesting to find out if the COV has ever rejected a noise by-law exemption. Applications can be rushed thru the Mayors office within days, all it takes is paying the fee. Most of the noise problems in Vancouver occur evenings or weekends when there are no COV noise by-law staff on duty forcing the innocent to call the VPD for response and ‘possible’ relief.
    When VCC KEC was expanding their campus Stuart Olson construction routinely pumped and poured concrete well past midnite without an exemption, all they did was promise the City it wouldn’t happen again but it always did. They also worked most Sundays and even on Remembrance Day without obtaining by-law exemptions.

    This past Sunday, Oct 25-2015 a VCC contractor, Atlas Power Sweeping was driving around the parking lot rearranging leaves, they didn’t start till 6pm and ran past midnite, the dump-truck sized fossil-fuel powered machine roared like a jet engine. How that’s the Greenest solution is anyone’s guess.
    Sadly it’s not just construction noise that’s disruptive, short notice from film crews is also SOP in the COV.
    The last time VCC KEC rented out the bldgs and parking lots resulting in another street closure in front of our homes plus the all-day/night noise from generators/trucks/lights our bldg residents were only given 1 days notice and advised in the brief letter taped to an outside door to take our complaints to the COV if we didn’t like it, complaints the COV never responded to.
    Both construction and film companies know well in advance what their schedules are with few exemptions. What the Citizens of Vancouver need is a well drafted regulation that requires both to advise area residents within 24 hours of when they receive a COV approved noise by-law waiver with all relevant details, contact info, waiver number etc so that Citizens who will be impacted can make alternate plans, for example how about those who rely on Handy-Dart or Handicapped parking spots?
    Now if the COV wants to do something positive with noise how about extending road construction hours so lost traffic lanes don’t last weeks or months longer because of restrictive employee contracts and no-contracting out promises to the unions.

  5. There is no reason to expose residents to excessive noise. Portable and temporary noise barriers are available with up to 20 dB reduction.
    Other cities require noise barriers for expected excessive noise to be incorporated into the specifications allowing contractors / (film crews) to include the costs of the treatment in the tender/budgets. No excuse – the city should recognize the problem and initiate controls – with the community in mind.

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