Ballot destruction: Compare 2015 federal election vs Vancouver civic 2014 — 10 years secure storage vs destruction in 2 months

Ballot Box

Ballot box, classic style.

In Metro News, Andrea Ross writes about practices policies for ballots from the October 19, 2015 federal election–secure storage for TEN years. It is quick shocking to compare to that to what we witnessed in Vancouver after the November 2014 civic election–destruction after TWO months (despite ballot irregularities and protests to civic and provincial officials).

A difference of several hundred ballots would have shifted the balance of power on Vancouver City Council, and CityHallWatch raised serious concerns about discrepancies in ballot statistics. The city’s chief election officer refused to help, and even the then-responsible Provincial minister Coralee Oakes rejected our requests to prevent ballot destruction just a couple months after the election.

Now compare the policy in Ottawa, as revealed in the Metro News article:

  • Elections Canada produced 26.4 million ballot papers for this election. Handling of ballots after the election is a closely monitored process dictated by a 52-page guidebook.
  • After votes are counted, each ballot (including unused ballots) is numbered and tracked.
  • Next, they are sealed in envelopes, put inside the poll bag, and placed back into the ballot box.
  • The Deputy Returning Officer then places the box in a secure area until the validation of results, shortly after the election.
  • Next they are shipped to Ottawa. Ballots are packed into boxes, shipped by secure transportation to a central location in Ottawa.
  • There, they are kept in archives for 10 years, at an undisclosed location that is “even more organized than a library.”

Compare to what we have reported regarding the Vancouver election ballots, destroyed after a couple months:

Times over voted -- ballots rejected Vancouver 2005 to 2014

Times over voted — ballots rejected Vancouver 2005 to 2014

For more, see these links:

CityHallWatch asks Minister to prohibit destruction of 2014 Vancouver election ballots: Evidence still needed to verify/explain irregularities

2014 election followup: Irregularities swept under carpet. Transcript of City Council meeting (Dec 16), Vancouver


Reference: “All those ballots not destined for blue box,” Metro News Edmonton, Andrea Ross, 19-Oct-2015.

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