Development Permit Board today (Oct 19, Mon): 29 storey tower by Cambie Bridge north ramp, plus 7 storeys at Davie & Granville

Two projects will be reviewed today by the DPB, starting at 3 pm. The agenda is here. You can find more information about the applications using the “DE” numbers, on the City’s Development Applications page.

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(North ramp of Cambie Bridge)
Applicant: Francl Architecture
Property Owner: One West Holdings Ltd. (This appears to be connected with Concord Pacific.)
Among the conditions of Council’s approval on June 11, 2014 for the Rezoning of this site, the applicant is required obtain approval of a preliminary development permit. Francl Architecture has applied to the City of Vancouver for the permission to construct a mixed-use building on this site.
Request: To develop this site with a 29 storey mixed use building consisting of one level of retail use and 28 storeys of residential use containing 588 dwelling units over four levels of underground parking having vehicular access from Expo Boulevard.
Staff: Paul Cheng

This is a “bold” project at the north end of the Cambie Bridge, on both side of the bridge ramp. We wonder what ever happened to the “Bridgehead Guidelines.” Never mentioned anymore. Ignored. But never repealed, we believe. Read more here: Behold! Vancouver’s Bridgehead Guidelines – Guidelines for Siting and Massing Buildings Adjacent to Downtown Vancouver Bridgeheads

(Davie and Granville)
Applicant: Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership
Property Owner: Deecorp Properties Ltd.
Request: To develop this site with a seven-storey mixed-use building with retail on the ground floor and 94 multiple family dwelling units over one and a half levels of underground parking with vehicular access from the lane. An increase in Floor Space Ratio using a Heritage Density Transfer from a donor site at 12 Water Street, providing 585 m2 is requested.
Staff: Sailen Black

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