SFU City Conversations | Politics and Planning: Vancouver’s next planning director, October 15, 2015

City Hall at night(Re-posted from SFU City Conversations. Some great questions.)

As Vancouver prepares to hire a new planning director, SFU City Conversations will explore the relationship and inevitable tension between elected officials and staff leaders who, for the past 40 years, have shaped Vancouver to what it is.

Who decides what? How do you get continuity when projects are proposed individually? Where does (and should) the planning director sit within the citystaff hierarchy? Where does the public fit in? How do we deal with neighbourhoods that do not want to take their share of new development? Elected officials hear from those who are already here, but who represents those who want to be here?

Framing the issue will be former city councillors Marguerite Ford and Peter Ladner, and urban affairs journalist and blogger Frances Bula. Then it’s your turn to question, observe, and offer your perspective and opinion.

FREE event.
12:30PM – 1:30PM | Thu, 15th October 2015
Room 7000 Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings

This will be part of a special trio of events focused on choosing the next planning director. UBC/SCARP and the Vancouver City Planning Commission will host a facilitated discussion of planning principles and how they might inform a more positive planning environment. It’s by invitation, but will be online afterwards. On the evening of October 29, the SFU City Program will be hosting former Vancouver Directors of Planning.

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