All bus routes will be Zone One after October 5th. TransLink continues Compass Card rollout

Compass Card vending machineStarting on October 5, 2015, all TransLink bus routes will switch to a single zone fare structure. The existing zone fares will remain for SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express routes.

TransLink is continuing the rollout of the Compass Card system. A number of the Compass Vending Machines are now fully functional, including ones at the busiest transit station in the system (Commercial/Broadway). Existing Faresaver tickets are expected to be phased out in early 2016. The supplies of Faresavers have been limited as a result of issues with the manufacturer. Compass Cards rates will initially be set at the same rates as Faresavers (for stored credit); monthly pass pricing will also be identical to the existing passes.

The new fare structure will allow bus passengers to cross zone boundaries with a one zone ticket; this includes trips between Vancouver and the North Shore. SeaBus passengers will require two zone tickets until 6:30pm on weekdays. The same fare differential will exist for transit users crossing the Fraser River on a bus instead of a SkyTrain.

After a substantial number of passengers have switched over the Compass Card system, TransLink plans to close the Faregates installed at transit stations. Passengers who purchase a cash fare on a bus will need to buy a second fare if they transfer to a SkyTrain. The new Compass system will also give TransLink the ability to raise fares and to have the new fare applied to remaining stored credit on a Compass Card (as opposed to Faresavers that are purchased at a fixed price). TransLink hopes that data collected with the Compass system will help them optimize transit routes. It is unclear if TransLink will reduce the number of ticket inspector employees (Transit Police) after the Faregates are activated.

For further details, please refer to our previous post:
TransLink announces single fare zone for buses, a new CEO and the final stage of Compass Card rollout (Aug 5, 2015)

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