Sept 23-24 busy days for open houses, advisory panels: Viaducts, Norquay RM-9A, Cambie, Fraserlands, Great Northern Way, 14th Ave

UDP meeting on Feb 22, 2012 , item 1401 ComoxToday and tomorrow are busy days for Open Houses and Advisory Panels relating to development in Vancouver. Please spread the word to anyone interested.

“Viaducts removal” has been put on the agenda for the Vancouver City Planning Commission meeting today, Wednesday September 23, with the topic up after 1:25 pm. The agenda was only posted online yesterday. The meeting starts at 12 noon at City Hall:

A very important Open House will be 5-8 pm (Wed, Sept 23) at the Norquay Elementary School (4710 Slocan) with the topic of the area-wide rezoning (RM-9A) for an Apartment Transition Zone. The zoning is now proposed to include stacked townhouses. The impacted properties are currently zoned RS-1 (single family residential), and a new zoning could be used as a precedent for other neighbourhoods in the future. See Eye on Norquay articles here and here.

The Active Transportation Policy Council (ATPC) meets in the public only 4 times a year. The meetings are usually a good place to get advance warning of changes proposed in transportation infrastructure. There’s an “After the Viaducts” motion to be discussed. The meeting will be held at 5:30 pm (Wed, Sept. 23) at City Hall.

The Urban Design Panel is also meeting at 4 pm (City Hall) (Wed, Sept. 23), to review a Cambie Corridor item (526-548 W King Edward) and a 99-unit, 6-storey building for the East Fraserlands (3289 Riverwalk Ave).

Also, an Open House will be held from 5 to 8 pm (Wed, Sept. 23) for a rezoning at 1755 West 14th Avenue. The Open House is at Canadian Memorial United Church (Great Hall, at 1825 W 16th Ave.) with the applicant team and City staff.  This is a revised application, under the Rental 100 incentive program for developers, and is for 116 new rental units, and a revised FSR of 3.45, with retention of the existing 13-storey, market-rental building and the addition of a 36.4 m (119.3 ft.) high 12-storey apartment building.


Then on Thursday (Sept 24th), there’s an Open House on a height rezoning increase to 100′ (from 60′) for a new building at Great Northern Way Campus (at 5-8 pm, venue: 577 Great Northern Way). This increase in height for a very long building will have impacts on views, and a row of mature pines beside the roadway will likely be cut out.

While we’re on the topic of Viaducts removal, on September 28 (Mon.), Vision Vancouver is holding an “early council” meeting to ask, “Should we keep the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts, the remnants of the city’s failed freeway plan? Or replace them with a new connection to Georgia that increases park space and helps to redefine the heart of the city?” City Council is due to make that decision this fall. “Join Councillor Geoff Meggs to learn more about the options available…. “

Early Council – The Future of Vancouver’s Viaducts
[Note that though this appears to be open to the public, this is a Vision Vancouver civic party event, not sponsored by City Council.]
Monday, September 28th, 2015 | 7:30 am – 9:00 am
Roundhouse Community Centre – Activity Room B | 181 Roundhouse Mews
$10 Suggested donation (includes light breakfast and coffee)
Online RSVP:

Note: Some people might be concerned that this is presented as being connected to City Council,  as an “Early Council” meeting, but it is in fact an event organized by a political party, and has the appearances of expecting money to be paid for access to an elected official.

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