“Rising Rents are Destroying the Social Fabric of Our Cities” (short film by Roann Ghosh)

This eight-minute film produced and directed by Roann Ghosh (@francgosh) features an interview with Vanessa Garrett, owner of “Food For Thought.” This popular community restaurant operated in Covent Garden, London, for forty years. But facing a major rent increase, Garrett felt compelled to close its doors on June 21, 2015. Her story will resonate in Vancouver and around the world.

We are on this Earth together and there is enough for everybody to go around, if you take out greed….                                    (Vanessa Garrett)


With Vancouver in a global system that makes it a major target of investment and speculative money, local communities are exposed to powerful and often faceless forces. This is all fed by our current civic regime’s track record of showing a virtually unlimited willingness to provide greater density in many projects. The Dunbar community  in Vancouver is one of many that are now concerned about rising rents along arterial streets that could over time drive out long-serving small and local businesses. What are the alternative scenarios?

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