Water reservoirs back to normal range, Metro Vancouver lifts water restrictions

Reservoir levels Sept 22, 2015 (from MetroVancouver.org)

Reservoir levels Sept 22, 2015 (from MetroVancouver.org)

Metro Vancouver announced that water restriction measures have been lifted. The normal Stage One rules for water consumption are now again in force for as of September 22, 2015.

There might be a lag until all municipalities around Metro Vancouver implement the changes in water restriction policy. The City of Vancouver website shows Stage 2 restrictions are still in place (as of this writing). In addition, the City of Vancouver website states that lawn watering restrictions will remain until September 30, 2015. There are currently $250 fines issued for watering lawns outside of designated times.

One of the positive changes that appear to have come from the water restrictions is an overall decrease in consumption.

Daily Water consumptionThe consumption levels for the Metro region have been around 1.0 billion litres of water daily. Back on July 22nd, the consumption reached 1.7 billion litres. Residents of the region have found ways to conserve water during the drought.

The damage to trees and other vegetation from the drought will need to be addressed. As well, a long term water management plan is needed for the region.

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