“It ain’t just over there”: Experimental zoning changes in one neighbourhood (Marpole, RM-9) ripple out to others (Norquay and beyond, RM-9A)

Norquay RM-9AEye on Norquay has done exemplary research to show how City Hall’s experimental changes in zoning in one neighbourhood can eventually affect many others. Often the City does its stuff without clearly or broadly communicating its true intentions. This case below provides a good example to prove that people across the city need to follow what is going on elsewhere, and the crucial need for neighbourhood-to-neighbourhood networking, such as is done by the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN) and Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver (NSV). Citizens need to be alert and engaged.

Further to our recent post announcing the September 23rd Open House by City of Vancouver (Norquay Apartment Transition Zone), here is some additional info from Eye on Norquay. We urge anyone who follows City Hall and zoning issues to take note.

From a September 19 e-mail from Eye on Norquay:

What is happening with Norquay next week at the September 23 Open House offers a case study on how an existing zoning schedule gets tweaked for application to an entirely different neighborhood. We are extremely concerned about whether Norquay will

  • see a reduced benefit from development in RM-9A
  • further lose variety of housing type specified in the 2010 Norquay Plan (already reduced in 2013)

This situation offers a learning opportunity for all neighborhoods. We have expanded the comparison chart that city planners should provide to make their work transparent. See today’s posting at Eye on Norquay:

P.S. on RM-9A [please click on this link for a detailed comparison and analysis]
Remember that Brian Jackson [City of Vancouver’s Director of Planning] repeatedly mentions Norquay as the beachhead for stacked townhouse and rowhouse.

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