Farewell to Porch Parade (Viva Robson Redux 2015 winner)

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The colourful Porch Parade installation on Robson Street has been dismantled. The temporary Viva Robson Redux installation was opened to the public on July 1, 2015. It might be worth looking back to see how this piece fared in Viva Robson Redux 2015comparison with installations from previous years.

While the Porch Parade is gone, the section of Robson Street is still pedestrianized between Howe and Hornby for the Labour Day long weekend. Tables and chairs now fill up the centre of the space. We’ve included a series of photographs in the above slideshow. How do the tables and chairs compare to Porch Parade as public space?

The Urban Reef installation from 2014 has found a new home at Hastings Park.
Robson Redux Street

Hastings Park with Urban Reef (Viva Robson Redux 2014 winner):

Urban Reef

3 thoughts on “Farewell to Porch Parade (Viva Robson Redux 2015 winner)

  1. The whole, special side-lane park at the Empire Grounds is unused. Urban Reef will decay naturally and be used as occasional bird pergh

  2. Viva really is indifferent to the citizens, but full of themselves. May they should dissolve and think Metroly, that is, think outside of Vancouver City visions.

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