No staff reports for 1188 Bidwell, Arbutus Mall one business day before DPB review

As of this writing (11am on Friday, Sept 4th), the City of Vancouver has not posted the staff reports for either 1188 Bidwell or the Arbutus Mall Block A development permits. Both of these projects are scheduled to be reviewed in one business day. Here’s a screenshot for the record:

No Agenda Sept 8th DPB

Also, for the record, the developer behind the tower proposed for 1188 Bidwell happens to be Reliance Properties. Here’s a summary of the campaign contributions by this firm:
VV 2014 Reliance donations

[Update] The two staff reports were finally posted online after 10:30 am on Tuesday, September 8th. Both of the reports are dated August 12, 2015. The agenda was also posted at the same time and it shows that the meeting will start with the Arbutus Mall item at 3pm, to be followed with 1188 Bidwell. Why were the reports and the agenda only posted on the day of the DPB review? Is it reasonable to expect members of the public who wish to address the DP Board to review the documents on a weekday with only several hours notice?

Arbutus Mall DPB reports Aug 12

2 thoughts on “No staff reports for 1188 Bidwell, Arbutus Mall one business day before DPB review

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