Storms, fallen trees, power outages and resilience

Fallen tree
Tens of thousands of Metro Vancouver residents were left without electricity after a powerful storm passed through the region. It’s worth noting that this storm occurred during the summer and on a weekend, and yet the storm still proved to be very disruptive to many residents. What were the total losses to property damage? (or food spoilage or lost business?) There were a number of issues with the BC Hydro website as the map that displayed outages timed out.

It could be a worthwhile exercise to review the emergency response to the last storm. If a similar power outage occurs during a cold snap in the winter, how will the region fare? Vancouver has not made it a priority to make the City more resilient to severe storms and other emergencies. A number of other cities have buried electrical power cables in order to protect them from being damaged by toppled trees. What are the steps that the City could take to better prepare for the next major storm or disaster?

The hazardous material fire in March of 2015 and the bunker oil spill in April highlight the need for emergency preparedness. How will the City respond the next time there is an emergency?
closed power outage

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