1193 Granville and 7828 Granville at UDP Aug 26th

1193 Granville 717 Davie

1193 Granville Street proposal (alternate address: 717 Davie Street)

The Urban Design Panel will be reviewing two development proposals on Wednesday, August 26, 2015.

A 7-storey building is being proposed at the northwest corner of Granville and Davie Street. Would it be a good addition to Granville Street? Is it suitable and compatible in style with the surrounding buildings?

A total of 94 residential units are being proposed at 1193 Granville Street, along with commercial uses at grade. A total of 47 underground parking spaces would be accessible via the back lane. Written comments to planning from the public are due by September 14, 2015 and a Development Permit Board review has already been scheduled for October 19, 2015 (additional details are available on the City’s website). The architect behind the proposal is Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership. While the City does not list the owner, the drawings contain the name of Deecorp (Deecorp Properties).

Granville Street hockey

The second proposal at the UDP is 7828 Granville Street. This is being put forward under the new RM9-N zoning for Marpole. An important question to consider is does the proposal meet the intent of the new district schedule?

A total of 40 residential dwelling units are being proposed in a 4-storey form. The information on the City’s website is scant and incomplete. No site plans have been provided by planner Darren Lee. A notification letter does list that the project would have a maximum height of 45 feet, a FSR of 2.0 and a total of 42 parking spaces. This proposal won’t be reviewed by the DPB, as the new zoning was written so that the review will take place behind closed doors by Brian Jackson acting as the Director of Planning. The proposal is being put forward by Gateway Architecture on behalf of the CMP Development Group.

The UDP meeting starts at 4pm with the 1193 Granville item. We’ve reproduced the agenda below:

Date: Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Time: 4:00 pm
Place: Town Hall Meeting Room, Vancouver City Hall
4:00 pm Business

1. 4:15 pm Address: 717 Davie Street (1193 Granville Street)
DA: DE419301
Description: To construct a seven-storey mixed-use building containing 94 dwelling units with
commercial at grade.
Zoning: DD
Application Status: Complete Development Application
Review: First
Architect: Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership (Mark Whitehead)
Staff: Sailen Black

2. 5:15 pm Address: 7828 Granville Street
DA: DE419185
Description: To construct a four-storey residential building containing a total of 40 dwelling
Zoning: RM9-N
Application Status: Complete Development Application
Review: First
Architect: Gateway Architecture Inc. (Michael Cox)
Staff: Ann McLean

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