New City development application sign: No density, zoning or dimensioned height (Renfrew & 1st Avenue)

Renfrew and East 1st Avenue application

A development application has been submitted for the redevelopment of the block at the northwest corner of Renfrew Street and East 1st Avenue. There’s currently no information about this proposal on the City’s website. The City has not provided a contact person or an email address. The sign does not contain information on the proposed density (Floor Space Ratio), the dimensioned height, the current zoning, or where the City is in the review process.

Is this an acceptable form of community notice?

The Scamcouver blog post ‘Close to home’ provides more background on the history of the shops and services at this site. We’d like to acknowledge @jonesj on twitter who pointed out that the City’s information is seriously lacking meaningful details. Would the average citizen be able to find out that the current zoning is C2-C1 or that the maximum outright height is 10.7 metres? Or can someone wonder how the maximum discretionary height is 13.8 metres while the sign states “5-storeys” with retail at grade? Is the lack of a dimensioned height is a serious omission? There’s no elevation or perspective provided to illustrate proposal; there is merely a plan outline of 2889 East 1st Avenue.

The City moved to a new information sign design last year. How is this working out so far?

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3 thoughts on “New City development application sign: No density, zoning or dimensioned height (Renfrew & 1st Avenue)

  1. Is this property currently owned by corrupted criminal Chinese foreigners is the main question they should be arrested and deported when are police and public safety going to do something about it useless institutions of ours like Anton our Justice Minister

    • Even for an internet comment that one was pretty incoherent. You’ll be happy to know that the site isn’t owned by a “corrupted criminal Chinese foreigner” according to an ownership search of the property.

      For the rest of you, proposed FSR is 2.85, and it looks like they’ll be asking for an additional +/- 10′ height variance.

      • For your information cohort or not you have simple case of not understanding are you mentally challenged, we will continue to look for corrupted Chinese criminals foreigners in real estate market and will be collecting data for use on the new data collection system, Conservative (from Reformer supporter not member of Immigration Watch of all political parties across Canadian in the federal election ignorant fool

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