No Tower lawn sign thefts in Grandview-Woodland a symbol of local tensions triggered by blockbuster projects

No Tower lawn signs stolen

An ongoing ground “battle” with lawn signs in Vancouver’s Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood is a symbol of the dynamics that arise when a blockbusting tower project proposal creates tensions in a community.  A grassroots group of local residents has taken the initiative to express opposition to a proposed 15-storey, high density tower at Venables and Commercial Drive. Part of their educational campaign consists of “No Tower” lawn signs as a way to inform the neighbourhood of the issues. But repeatedly, someone has been removing the lawn signs  in the middle of the night since the beginning of August.

Half of a stolen sign turned up at Adanac and Commercial (smoking area behind parking lot)

Half of a stolen sign turned up at Adanac and Commercial (smoking area behind parking lot)

Over 15 signs were taken overnight on August 1st. Signs were stolen on subsequent nights and earlier this week. One of the signs turned up cut in half on the City owned parking lot site at Adanac and Commercial.

A PR firm is involved with high density tower proposal. Local residents feel they are not only dealing with a Goliath developer, but also now with what appears to be an organized attempt to eliminate the lawn signs. Meanwhile, residents opposing the tower say that they will not be intimidated and have been busy replacing the stolen “No Tower” signs.

The No Tower Coalition is organizing a party “to celebrate the Drive that we love, and to oppose the massive towers that will forever change it…” on Sunday, August 16th. This event will be held at Woodland Park, 10am to 2pm and further details are available on the website. Over 1900 people have signed a petition against the proposed tower.

We’ve included a slideshow below of the lawns signs popping up throughout the Grandview-Woodland community.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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