Paradise (to be) Lost: Marine Gardens Townhouse Community

Vancouver - Paradise Lost(This compilation of text and photos was provided by Jillian Skeet, resident of Marine Gardens. We think it’s important to document this. See our previous coverage on the rezoning that will result in the loss of Marine Gardens and area, including here and Marine Gateway and Marine Landing revisited.)

Photo Taken July 21, 2015.MGJuly2015-10

As part of Vision Vancouver’s ‘Greenest City’ Plan, a 70 unit, affordable, family-oriented townhouse community and a majestic forest of trees and world-class landscaping, are to be destroyed to make way for 21 and 27 story skyscrapers and “Prestigious, First Class Living.” A 70 unit apartment building will provide ‘replacement units’ that are unaffordable at almost twice the rent, with hallways and elevators instead of direct outside access to front and back patios and a safe inner courtyard where children play.
(Jillian Skeet)

“Once capital becomes an idol and guides people’s decisions, once greed for money presides over the entire socio-economic system, it ruins society, it condemns and enslaves men and women, it sets people against one another and, as we clearly see, it even puts at risk our common home.”                                                Pope Francis, July 2015


MarineGateway4_2413-6h - Model at Open House June 8, 2010Caption: The destruction of Marine Gardens was planned by the City of Vancouver, under Vision. The city model from the Marine Gateway Open House (June 8, 2010) shows towers on the site of Marine Gardens, nearly a year before developer Concord Pacific purchased it (May, 2011), and five years before City Council approved the rezoning on this site.

More photos of the current Marine Gardens as they are in the height of summer 2015, before demolition.


MGJuly2015-5 MGJuly2015-9 MGJuly2015-10 MGJuly2015-11 MGJuly2015-12 MGJuly2015-14 MGJuly2015-15 MGJuly2015-16 MGJuly2015-17

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