Surrey set to overtake Vancouver population by 2041 according to latest GVRD estimates

Metro Population Estimate 2041
The latest estimates released by Metro Vancouver predict that Surrey will overtake Vancouver in terms of population by 2041.

Surrey City HallThe agenda for the Metro Vancouver Regular Board Meeting on July 31, 2015 includes a table that forecasts that Surrey’s population will be 770,000 by 2041, overtaking Vancouver’s estimated population of 765,000. The total number of dwelling units in Vancouver is predicted to increase from 265,100 in 2011 to 362,000 in 2041. Finally, Vancouver would see an increase of employment from 406,700 (in 2011) to 505,000 (in 2041).

The official Statistics Canada census population for 2011 was 603,502; the figures in the table show higher total of 617,200. This is due to the fact that “2011 Census undercount estimate” was also included in the population total. Additional details and the original table can be found on page 576 of the Metro Board agenda (36 MB download).

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