10th Avenue bikeway plan feedback sought. Open Houses July 20th & 26th

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The City of Vancouver is organizing two Open Houses for feedback on improvements to the 10th Avenue bikeway.

The first event will be held on Monday, July 20th between 3:30pm and 6:30 pm on 10th Avenue, between Willow Street and Heather Street (south side). The second open house is set for the Kitsilano Farmer’s market on Sunday, July 26th, from 10am to 2pm (Larch Street and 10th). It appears that no Open Houses have been organized for the eastern part of 10th Avenue (between Cambie and Victoria Drive).

Further information on this project is available on under the 10th Avenue Corridor Project on the City’s website. The upgrade of the bikeway is also noted in the Mount Pleasant Implementation Plan.

10th Avenue is the most important and most frequently used bikeway in the entire city. It is important for the City to get it right. Sometimes bikeway “upgrades” have introduced a number of obstacles and lane changes for the cyclist to navigate (case in point: Comox Greenway in the West End).

10th Avenue at Arbutus Corridor

One thought on “10th Avenue bikeway plan feedback sought. Open Houses July 20th & 26th

  1. We do not any improvements to bike lanes or new ones, we will be getting rid of the ones we have, Cyclists and Bikers do not pay enough for this kind of service

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