Are Medical Marijuana Bylaws enforced? A look at Granville Street regulations

Marijuana bylaw Granville

Section 11.28.2 (d) of Vancouver’s Retail Marijuana bylaw bans outlets from sites with a property line along Granville Street

Are the new Medical Marijuana Dispensary bylaws enforced by the City of Vancouver? After spending considerable time and resources at a Public Hearing, City Council enacted new bylaws on June 24, 2015 to regulate retail dealers of medical marijuana. How is this working out so far for the City? Consider the following tweet:

An open question is why are marijuana dispensaries continuing to open in Vancouver in locations not permitted under the new bylaws? Why are new stores opening at all without going through a permit process? The rules appear to be quite clear in banning dispensary operations on properties along Granville Street. Selective enforcement of bylaws or non-enforcement of bylaws does not set a good precedent by the City.
canna clinic granville marijuana

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