June 24 (Wed) “Give us the data” rally planned by “Vancouverites for Affordable Housing” at VPL: #donthave1million

#donthave1millionTo keep the momentum and follow up on their rally on March 24 rally, Vancouverites for Affordable Housing plans another rally, this time with a specific focus on pushing provincial and federal government towards solutions — by providing essential data.

“Give Us Data” on Foreign Ownership & Capital Rally
Location: Vancouver Public Library (steps facing Robson Street)
Wednesday, June 24, 2015, from 5 to 6 pm
Confirmed speakers: Eveline Xia (creator of #DontHave1Million Twitter campaign), MLA Jenny Kwan, MP Don Davies. Other prominent public figures and experts are expected. A full list will be released prior to the event.eveline xia #donthave1million

Their Facebook page says this: “Experts agree that we don’t have the data we need to make informed policy on the housing affordability crisis – and politicians use this as an excuse for inaction. It’s time to press our elected leaders to collect data on speculation, foreign ownership and international capital. We can’t afford to waste any more time!”

Below is a short list of selected articles, for reference.

2 thoughts on “June 24 (Wed) “Give us the data” rally planned by “Vancouverites for Affordable Housing” at VPL: #donthave1million

    • You should be contacting Suzanna Aton for the failure of her officers to track down corrupted (criminals) ccp Chinese officials & China citizens down and for not putting a tax on foreign Chinese in real estate market screwing up affordable housing, these corrupted China-Chinese must all be deported!

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