The changing face of Chinatown

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The recent opening of a Starbucks in a new Chinatown highrise raised a few eyebrows. Is this just the start of a much larger change in character for the neighbourhood? We’ve included a number of photos of the new developments on Main Street in the slideshow above.

It might be worth reviewing the City’s policies for the area. How is the Historical Area Height Review (HAHR) turning out? Is the HAHR revitalizing Chinatown, or is it leading to gentrification and displacement?



2 thoughts on “The changing face of Chinatown

  1. It’s not leading to gentrification and displacement; it’s already led it.
    Lots of nice shiny new shoeboxes and lots of nice shiny new faces; not much of anything for those of us who already live in the neighbourhood.
    I say to HAHR – thanks for nothing.

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