Missing rezoning info sign. 3819 Boundary Road Public Hearing May 26th

3819 Boundary Road

Vancouver City Council will review a rezoning proposal for 3819 Boundary Road on Tuesday, May 26, 2015 after 6pm.

While the Public Hearing is a week away, there is not a single rezoning information sign posted anywhere on the site. The rezoning information sign that had once been posted has been removed from the site some time ago. We’ve included several photos of the property below:

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Why is the rezoning information sign missing? For the City of Vancouver, is public notification of rezonings now optional? Who is checking on performance of obligations. If the City or developer fails to provide due public notice, should the public hearing be delayed? Are there penalties for failure to post notice?

This proposal calls for 23 market rental units with just 9 underground parking spaces in a 4-storey building located on the southwest corner of East 22nd Avenue and Boundary Road. Interested members of the public can sign up to speak to Mayor and Council by sending an email request to publichearing@vancouver.ca or by calling 604-829-4238. Additional details of the proposal can be found on the City’s rezoning centre and in the staff report.

The 23-unit proposal has been submitted under the Rental 100 ‘Son-of-STIR’ policy. The Rental 100 Secured Market Rental Housing Policy is the successor to STIR and has similar shortcomings; Vancouver residents were not consulted by the City when the policy was created. Further comments about the Rental 100 ‘Son of STIR’ program can be found in the Vancouver Courier piece Reader Soapbox: Son of STIR risen: Vancouver rental policy approved; please also see the Straight.com at the link here. This rezoning seeks a full waiver of CACs (Community Amenity Contributions) and DCLs (Development Cost Levies) that would normally be paid; a relaxation in the required number of parking spots is also sought by the applicant (represented by W.T. Leung Architects). Another benefit for developers under Rental 100 is that the rezoning application and development permit processes are concurrent. So this public hearing is the only chance to provide input. All the more reason to ask why the sign is missing.

One thought on “Missing rezoning info sign. 3819 Boundary Road Public Hearing May 26th

  1. Someone must be reading your blog.

    Yesterday there was no sign on the property; pretty sure it was not there this morning either.
    But this evening there was a sign on prominent display along the Boundary Rd. side.

    It is part of the by-law that the sign be erected and prominently visible. In cases where the public is aware of a proposal and a sign is not visible, or as in this case was up and removed, citizens should lodge complaints with the by-law enforcement office (via 311). If the by-law enforcement officers fail to respond with the same vigor and enforcement (fine) as they do to other enforcement complaints, the matter must be taken to city officials (with the now recorded evidence) for justification for non-enforcement in front of council (I know, they hypocrisy of it all …).

    If Council, Staff and the developers are so sure and proud all this redevelopment is so good for the city, they should be happy to have these “publicity posters” up all over the place in the same manner the sales promos go up once approved. IF a developer can not show evidence the signs have been in place continuously for a prescribed time prior to a hearing (with all the correct hearing details in place), the clock should be reset.

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