Heritage Reboot event Saturday May 23rd

Heritage House. On Registry?

Should a 110 year old house at 27 West 7th Avenue be on the heritage register? New tools will allow for the easy nomination of properties to the register

A ‘Heritage Reboot’ event will take place on Saturday, May 23rd starting at 1pm at the Roundhouse Community Centre. The purpose of the event is to showcase 4 initiatives to make digital technology available for heritage conversation. These initiatives include the following:

  • the launch of a new online tools to allow for the nomination of potential heritage properties to the heritage register
  • the integration of the 1912 Goad’s Atlas fire insurance maps into the City’s VanMap (online GIS application)
  • a site finder to search the 2,200 sites currently in the heritage register (via the Vancouver Heritage Foundation)
  • a searchable database to access 32,000 historic building permits (by Heritage Vancouver)

The event will be hosted by Heritage Vancouver, the City of Vancouver Archives, the Vancouver Heritage Foundation and the City of Vancouver. The introduction and event launch will take place between 1 and 1:30pm and it will be followed by cake-cutting. Tours of Yaletown and Engine 374 will take place between 2:45pm and 4:15pm.

Goads Atlas overview

The 1912 Goad’s Atlas will be made available online as part of the City’s VanMap application

The City will also be having an Open House for the Heritage Action Plan at the event to discuss the next phase of the plan (1pm – 4:30pm).

Roundhouse Mews is located at the corner of Davie and Pacific Avenue across from the Yaletown Canada Line Station.

Further details about the Heritage Reboot can be found on the City of Vancouver Archives blog:


The twitter hashtag #HeritageReboot has been designated for the event.

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