Urban energy leaders to gather in Vancouver this week (article by GLOBE-Net) for Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum

Renewable Cities program cover 13-15May-2015(Read the full article here.)

GLOBE-Net, May 11, 2015 – Vancouver will play host this week to one of the most important gatherings of world experts on sustainable cities.

Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum is a new program of Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue. While this program is less than a year old, it builds on the Centre’s last five years of experience working with Canadian municipalities on low-carbon solutions and policies.

As a first step in a 5-year program, a Global Learning Forum will take place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver, from 13-15 May, 2015.

Leaders from municipalities and government, the private sector, and civil society will participate in small group capacity building sessions and join the global movement for 100% renewable energy and energy efficiency in cities. Program download hereExcerpt of article.

The Renewable Cities Program

While cities and the services they provide are designed around people, they don’t always provide the social, health, economic, and environmental outcomes that residents demand. People are the heart of a city and their needs should be met without compromising present and future quality of life.

There are many different efforts that have emerged that strive for cleaner and more livable urban environments—smart, resilient, and regenerative cities. Renewable Cities seeks to build on this existing leadership in creating sustainable and livable communities that are committed to 100% renewable energy.

The goal of expanding renewable energy uptake is intertwined with other objectives in increasing efficiency and enhancing livability. To be a Renewable City is to recognize the holistic approach to land use planning, urban design, infrastructure, and transportation, water, food, and waste systems with energy and demand management.

One thought on “Urban energy leaders to gather in Vancouver this week (article by GLOBE-Net) for Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum

  1. I have no use for SFU wing nuts professors behind Burnaby Mountain protests, Corrigan still own for RCMP bill, message from a Energy Citizen member, down with SFU

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