Vancouver City Council salaries and Metro Vancouver Director salaries for 2014

Metro Vancouver DirectorsA few weeks ago the City of Vancouver published the remuneration and expenses for all City Councillors. On Friday, May 7th, Metro Vancouver released the salaries (click here for revised document, warning 30 MB) of those members of Council who represent the City as a Director or as an Alternate Director. How much did members of Vancouver City Council earn in 2014?

Mayor Robertson was the top wage earner, with his salary and expenses totalling $181,261 from the City of Vancouver and Metro. Councillor Raymond Louie took second spot on the wage ladder, with a combined total of $138,829. Councillor Deal was third at $111,528 while Councillor Stevenson was in fourth place at $106,586.

On the bottom end of the combined salary and expenses scale were Councillors Elizabeth Ball ($81,023), Adriane Carr ($77,947) and George Affleck ($77,436) for the Councillors who were re-elected last year. Former Councillor Tony Tang’s total wages and expenses were $73,540 for a partial 2014 year.

Robertson had a poor attendance record at Metro Vancouver; this is reflected in his salary from the GVRD Board. The highest expense totals were claimed by Councillor Louie ($32,920), Councillor Stevenson ($25,859), Mayor Robertson ($23,901) and Councillor Deal ($19,079). Below is a table summarizing the base salaries and expenses for members of City Council in 2014:

Name Base CoV Salary MetroVan Salary Total Salary (CoV+Metro) Expenses (CoV+Metro) Total
Robertson,G. 153,455 3,905 157,360 23,901 181,261
Affleck, G. 70,443 355 70,798 6,638 77,436
Ball, E. 70,443 1,420 71,863 9,160 81,023
Carr, A. 70,443 1,065 71,508 6,439 77,947
Deal, H. 70,443 22,006 92,449 19,079 111,528
DeGenova,M. 745 0 745 63 808
Jang, K. 70,443 7,100 77,543 6,442 83,985
Louie, R. 70,443 35,466 105,909 32,920 138,829
Meggs, G. 73,272 7,100 80,372 6,376 86,748
Reimer, A. 72,633 10,295 82,928 8,252 91,180
Stevenson, T. 73,272 7,455 80,727 25,859 106,586
Tang,   T. 67,507 1,065 68,572 4,968 73,540

Date sources: (1) 2014 City of Vancouver Statement of Financial Information (2) Metro Vancouver 2014 Statement of Financial Information (32mb document, 2014 SOFI begins on page 442, salaries page 453)

Members of Vancouver City Council may be receiving further income as part of their appointments to other Boards and agencies. Councillor Raymond Louie revealed that he received compensation for being the Chairman of the PNE in his 2014 disclosure. Councillor Kerry Jang received additional compensation from EasyPark and the UBCM. It’s worth noting that a number of appointments to advisory boards or panels do not come with extra remuneration.


Ballem top wage earner in 2014. City of Vancouver spent $431 million on salaries, releases list of employees earning over $75,000 (April 27, 2015)
Vancouver City Council salaries and Metro Vancouver Director salaries for 2013 (June 28, 2014)

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