Deconstructing The Boffo Tower


Jak's View of Vancouver v.3

I have written a number of posts about Boffo Development’s proposal to build an enormous tower at Commercial and Venables, most recently about the “open house” last Monday evening. One of the commenters to that piece, someone whose views I generally respect, suggested “this proposed building looks better and has a better orientation than the Lions’ building across the street.” I disagree with that remark so strongly that I feel the need to lay out all the reasons I think this proposal is so bad and should be scrapped.

A Retreat From Public Services

To start, let’s look at the way the project is put together. Local developer Boffo Developments wants to build a large market-drive condo tower in Grandview for no reason other than to make profit, No real complaint there so long as we live in a capitalist system. Local mental health support non-profit organization the Kettle…

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