Another COV Planning Debacle

CoV Boffo Kettle properties
A review of the City of Vancouver Open House concerning the Boffo/Kettle highrise rezoning under consideration for Commercial Drive and Venables appeared on the Jak’s View of Vancouver blog.

Jak's View of Vancouver v.3

Tonight at the WISE Hall there was an “open house” about the proposed Boffo Development condo tower at Commercial & Venables. It was a perfect example of how Vancouver City Planning has failed to learn from their failures in Grandview Woodland over the last three years.


There was a pretty good turnout of residents, but that’s about the only positive thing I can say about the evening. Where to start?

Well first, most everyone I spoke to thought, like me, that this was supposed to be a presentation Open House by Boffo Developments and the Kettle. We were wrong, as it turned out to be an official COV Planning event. You can say that we should have known but, when 70%+ of the attendees have the same wrong idea (and I’m certainly not exaggerating about that percentage), you have to wonder how such a mistake could have been so widespread…

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