St. Paul’s Hospital, the West End Plan, and “good faith”

Here’s some food for thought. It is about “good faith.” Did the recently adopted West End Community Plan consider the impacts of moving St. Paul’s Hospital from its current location to False Creek Flats? The Plan was adopted in November 2013. Eighteen months later, in April 2015, Providence and the Provincial Government abruptly announced plans for the move. Were any residents consulted on the impacts? Did Providence Health Care (the operator of St. Paul’s) act in good faith and share its plans for the future with the City? Or did any City officials know that a move was being seriously contemplated but choose not to make any mention of it? Providence is clearly listed as a party consulted by the City in the creation of the plan.

Health is mentioned a total of 26 times in the plan. Below are a few quotes from the document that was passed by City Council in November 2013.

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