Vancouver only has only 3 outdoor swimming pools. A comparison with other Canadian cities

New Brighton PoolThe City of Vancouver currently has a total of 3 outdoor swimming pools. In recent years, outdoor pools were closed in Mount Pleasant, Hastings, Sunset and Marpole. How does Vancouver compare to other Canadian cities?

The City of Mississauga, Ontario has a total of 7 outdoor pools. Mississauga’s 2011 census population was 713,443 (in comparison, the 2011 census for Vancouver was 603,502). Winnipeg by comparison, has a total of 10 outdoor pools (2011 census 663,617). The webpage for the Vancouver Society for Promotion of Outdoor Pools compares facilities between a number of urban centres in Canada; Metro Montreal leads the count with 74 outdoor pools. An open question is whether additional pools will be built in the Vancouver. This may ultimately be decided by Council, as it is Council (and not the Park Board) that controls the City’s purse strings.

Additional funding for pools and for other park board facilities could come from the “emerging priorities” part of the 4-year Capital Plan ($95 million). Or Park Board facilities could be funded in part from Community Amenity Contributions (CACs). Both of these sources of revenue are under the City’s control. Is City Council willing to invest in Park Board facilities to benefit residents? Or will all CACs and the emerging priorities reserve in the Capital Plan be allocated so none of these funds go to Park Board? Stay tuned.

outdoor pools mississauga

4 thoughts on “Vancouver only has only 3 outdoor swimming pools. A comparison with other Canadian cities

  1. Vision Vancouver Mayor & Council have destroyed Vancouver

    On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 10:35 AM, CityHallWatch: Tools to engage

  2. How about comparing to somewhere with a similar climate? Vancouver doesn’t exactly have the 30+ degree heat in the summer that make outdoor swimming so attractive in places like Montreal.
    Average July highs:
    Vancouver: 22 C
    Mississauga: 27 C
    Montreal: 27 C

    For comparison, Seattle has 2 outdoor pools ( Victoria has 0 (other than uVic).

  3. The City of Winnipeg’s Recreation and Leisure Dept operating as an arm of Community Services supplies far more indoor and outdoor pools, wading pools and splash/spray parks without the bureaucracy of a seperate and bloated elected Park Board, even the City of Regina has more outdoor pools than Vancouver.
    Five of Winnpeg’s outdoor pools have free admission so no one is denied, but it doesn’t end there.
    While the VPB charges admission for the Bloedel Conservatory it still loses money every year while the City of Winnipeg has never charged for admission to the Assinniboine Park Conservatory despite operating in a far more challenging climate. The City of Winnipeg delivers 5 times as many hockey rinks, over 4 times as many parks/greenspaces, more playing fields/softball diamonds, dog parks, free boat launchs, more kms of separated bike-paths and so on, all delivered for less cost. During the Winter the COW constructs and operates 162 outdoor hockey rinks all free of charge, most with lights,some with music plus other free and maintained skating/skiing/snowmobiling areas in parks and along the rivers.
    The VPB/COV has plenty of money available, it’s all about priorities.
    Check it out and you’ll see virtually every other city delivers more recreation for less dollars than Vancouver. The main difference is a prime example of how the Ward system strives for Equality across nbhds while the at-large electoral system hijacks priorities
    China Creek Park North was identified in the 1987 Community Plan for Mount Pleasant as the best location in Mount Pleasant for a new pool and community centre yet nothings happened. The park is borderd by 3 bike-routes with the East 10th bike-route only 3 blocks South. CCPN is 1 block from the Clark/VCC skytrain station/ # 84 bus and within 2 blocks of the # 22, 9 and 99 bus routes. CCPN is the easiest park to access by walking, biking and transit in all of the Lower Mainland and the hill at the Westend could incorporate slides yet Commissioners Coupar and Wiebe are pushing for a pool for their friends at Mount Pleasant Park, the same well-connected insiders demanding removal of the skatepark. MPP only connects to 1 bike-route and a single bus route is 3 blocks away, how is that the best location for a new pool in Vancouver.

  4. Further to my previous comments,
    A pool at China Creek Park North could be tied in to the COV’s own Neighbourhood Energy Utility which has already been extended to just across the road at the Great Northen Way Campus. There’s already proven potential for geothermal and open sightlines allow for solar panel arrays effective for the best part of the day.
    The only problem is that CCPN is not in the ‘ Right ‘ Nbhd.
    Check out the Tyee’s map on the history of who’s been elected at the municipal level in Vancouver and you’ll find that no politician when elected has ever lived within a kilometre of China Creek Park North nor have they ever visited our building looking for support, they don’t have to.
    With a Westside dominated at-large electoral system and separate elected Park Board we get the current situation.
    A Ward system of municipal representation while not perfect is far more equitable, accountable and efficient in delivering services to it’s Citizens, seems to be good enough for the rest of Canada.
    The City of Winnipeg’s municipal budget is about 350 million dollars less than Vancouver’s and a good portion of that goes towards snow-clearing, they might spend 3 million on just 1 snowfall event.

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