No progress, no word on Vancouver City staff work to review 2014 civic election

Voting place sign 2014(Update: After posting this, we received a reply this evening from the Chief Election Officer: “Staff expect to be reporting back to Council in the near future. A specific date has not been set.”)

So how was the integrity of the 2014 civic election?

We are writing to let it be known that there is nothing to report yet regarding any progress by City staff regarding two Council-adopted motions to review the election. (We have asked for an update but received no response.)

We have already reported on a (1) list of 25 election irregularities and concerns, (2) one motion in January adopted by City Council to review the 2014 civic election, and (3) one motion in February, (4) the very close voting results in the City Council race, and (5) our requests to the Chief Election Officer and responsible Minister not to destroy valuable evidence (ballots and election materials). Below are links and status comments.

The public needs to have absolute confidence in our electoral system. Intransigence by our government and public servants in actions to maintain and build that confidence are unacceptable.

Below are updates on each of the above. Some of these items received some media coverage, but most of this has remained below the radar of mainstream media, so it is likely the very few members of the public are aware of the issues raised.

  1. 25 things the Chief Election Officer should analyze/report on: Election 2014 Vancouver (CityHallWatch, 19-Jan-2015)
    Update: CityHallWatch is still working on these. Report pending.
  2. Election 2014: City Council passes motion on “Review of the 2014 City of Vancouver Civic Election” (CityHallWatch, 26-Jan-2015)
    Update: No word from City Hall on any progress. No response to our query.
  3. Election follow-up: Council adopts 2nd motion on “Review of the 2014 City of Vancouver Civic Election” (CityHallWatch, 11-Feb-2015)
    Update: No word from City Hall on any progress. No response to our query.
  4. A look at what happened in 2014 civic election, now that we know campaign spending…(CityHallWatch, 23-Feb-2015)
  5. CityHallWatch asks Minister to prohibit destruction of 2014 Vancouver election ballots: Evidence still needed to verify/explain irregularities (CityHallWatch, 14-Jan-2015)
    Update: Vancouver’s Chief Election Officer rejected our request. Minister Coralee Oakes responded in writing only after the ballots had been destroyed, rejecting our request. The ballots and all evidence of election materials have supposedly been destroyed, making it now impossible to investigate irregularities. The Chief Election Officer did not acknowledge or explain certain key questions, including the large discrepancies in overvotes between 2014 and previous years, which may have skewed the outcome by hundreds of votes. We will report more on this later, including the high bar for citizens who seek official channels to have election results reviewed independently.


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