Urban Design Panel in focus Wed April 8: 1754 Pendrell, 3090 E54th (Fire Hall 5), 5650 Balaclava (Knox United), 520 E1st (Emily Carr U)

The Urban Design Panel (UDP), an advisory body to City Council, reviews four projects. (See our description of the UDP.) The first one in particular (1754-1772 Pendrell, in the West End), might be considered a test of the UDP itself. The Panel of professionals unanimously rejected an application made by a different owner and architect in 2010 due to “the amount of density and bulk for such a small site… They felt the proposal broke form with other towers in the West End.” (See WEN’s chronology, and NEW analysis here.)

But the project has returned, with even more bulk and density. The major difference is this time it is proposed by Westbank (Ian Gillespie) and Henriquez Partners Architects (Gregory Henriquez). The public may be interested in seeing how the UDP votes this time — how consistent is this panel?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015, starting at 3 pm
Town Hall Meeting Room, Vancouver City Hall

  • 1754-1772 Pendrell Street
  • 3090 East 54th Avenue (Fire Hall 5)
  • 5650 Balaclava Street (Knox United Church)
  • 520 East 1st Avenue (Emily Carr University)

Agenda and docs for download: http://vancouver.ca/files/cov/committees/agenda-urban-design-panel-20150408.pdf

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The public may attend the meeting, but does not have the opportunity to speak. Since much of the information may never make it into the public otherwise, we encourage concerned citizens to take audio or video recordings.

1. 3:15 pm Address: 1754-1772 Pendrell Street
Description: To construct a 21-storey residential building. This proposal is for a total of 171 rental units
(43 studios, 51 One-Bedroom, 72 Two-Bedroom, and 3 Three-Bedroom units).
Zoning: RM-5A to CD-1
Application Status: Rezoning Application
Review: Second
Architect: Henriquez Partners Architects (Gregory Henriquez)
Staff: Linda Gillan and Sailen Black

2. 4:15 pm
Address: 3090 E 54th Avenue (Fire Hall 5)
DA: DE418846
Description: To construct a six-storey mixed-use building, including a replacement of Fire Hall No. 5 on the first two levels and an additional four levels of non-market social housing above. This proposal is for a total of 31 dwelling units.
Zoning: CD-1 Amendment
Application Status: Concurrent Development and Rezoning Application
Review: First
Architect: Johnston Davidson Architecture + Planning Inc. (Kimberly Johnston)
Staff: Cynthia Lau and Patrick O’Sullivan

3. 5:15 pm
Address: 5650 Balaclava Street (Knox United Church)
DA: DE418780
Description: To construct a four-storey residential building plus a two-storey annex for Knox United Church. The residential building includes a total of 77 dwelling units. The annex building includes offices at grade and a preschool above.
Zoning: CD-1 Pending
Application Status: Complete Development Application
Review: Second (First as Development Application)
Architect: Rositch Hemphill Architects (Anca Hurst)
Staff: Sailen Black

4. 6:15 pm
Address: 520 E 1st Avenue (Emily Carr University)
DA: DE418832
Description: To construct a new four-storey school for the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.
Zoning: CD-1
Application Status: Complete Development Application
Review: First
Architect: Diamond Schmitt Architects (Martin Davidson)
Staff: Tim Potter


Meanwhile, the Vancouver City Planning Commission also meets today, April 8, 2015, at 12:15 pm. For anyone interested, here is the agenda — at the moment it is not currently available online, but we obtained it by e-mail from the office.

vcpc agenda – April 8, 2015


Audio of UDP on 1754 Pendrell

Presentation by staff and proponents: Download – 150408_001


Discussion and unanimous vote for support: Download – 150408_002


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