Hundred year old homes left unprotected in Vancouver. Case study: 378 East 14th Avenue

The house at 378 East 14th Avenue was built in 1910. Despite the advanced age of this building, it is not listed in the Heritage Register. As such, this home can be demolished at any time if a new development were to be proposed on the lot. It’s not considered “heritage” by the City. There are simply no protections in Vancouver for old building stock not listed in the Heritage Reigster. Buildings can be left to deteriorate. We’ve included a slideshow below of the house (location: East 14th Avenue and Prince Edward Street):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A building at 348 East 7th Avenue was torn down in December of 2013; further details on this house can be found in the following post: 100-year old building set to be demolished. Fair game if not on Heritage Register? (CityHallWatch, Oct 15, 2013)
East 14th and Prince Edward

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