Shipping container housing proposal (420 Hawks Avenue) Open House March 2, 2015

420Hawks container building

The City of Vancouver is organizing an Open House on Monday, March 2nd, 2015 to share details about a proposed 7-storey building at 420 Hawks Avenue (located just south of East Hastings). A total of 26 units of social housing are proposed in a structure made from shipping containers. The building would have a height of 71′ (21.9m) and a floor space ratio of 4.7. No parking units would be provided on the site.

The Open House will be held between 5 and 8pm at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre located at 805 East Pender Street.

The property is currently zoned as Industrial Land (M-1) and the applicant is the Atira Women’s Resource Society (AWRS). The intended rents are $375 for singles and $570 for mothers with a child (rent at shelter component of income assistance). The units range in size from 280 square feet (studio) to 420 square feet (two bedroom).

Is it a good idea to make housing from shipping containers? What are the experiences of providing housing in other jurisdictions when shipping containers are used as a base building block? Further information on the project can be found on the City’s website.

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