Clever ad campaign highlights London housing crisis. Could it be adapted to Vancouver? Tell us your story.

London billboards on affodabiilty‘Nobody My Age Can Afford to Stay Here Forever’ is the title of an article that appeared on the CityLab portal on February 23, 2015. In this piece, Feargus O’Sullivan documents a campaign in London that draws attention to the stories of people who are coming to or moving out of the city. Many of the themes centre around the question of affordability and resonate with young people. The stories are displayed on two different billboards and are part of an art exhibit.

“You could easily swap the word ‘London’ with ‘Vancouver’ all through this campaign” was a comment from Kevin Eastwood on twitter.

A new generation of young people are either no longer able to afford to live in London, or on the edge. It’s difficult to make ends meet in a very expensive housing market. A number of stories are from people who have left the City because they were simply priced out.

A slideshow on the main website cycles through a number of the stories on the billboards.

Would it be possible to adapt this campaign to Vancouver? It could be a challenge to raise the funds to rent real billboards or to make a temporary art exhibit. However, sharing ideas for stories can be done digitally, by employing Photoshop or another paint program. We’ve provided a couple of versions of blank ‘billboards’ further below. Click to download the images, share your Vancouver Story, and post on twitter with the hashtag #VancouverStory .

VancouverStory Billboard

Full resolution images can be downloaded below (click on the preview image for the high resolution PNG file):

blank sign

Share your photos on twitter: #VancouverStory (or #shareyourstory #Vancouver )


blank billboard

Here’s the photograph of the rezoning application sign again, with the words Rezoning Application:

Rezoning sign blank

The idea to have a local Vancouver-based campaign came from the following tweet:

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