Public Hearing March 3 CANCELLED: Fallout from New Yaletown Supreme Court decision?

Anyone watching the City of Vancouver web page for meeting agendas may have noticed something interesting today.

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Here is the chronology:

  • On January 27 the B.C. Supreme Court issued a “stinging” ruling that slammed the City of Vancouver for problems with “procedural fairness” relating to Public Hearings.
  • At 9:21 this morning (Friday, Feb. 27) CityHallWatch tweeted out that the City had not yet published the agenda for a Public Hearing slated for just four days away, on Tuesday March 3. In the tweet we questioned “procedural fairness.”
  • We checked several times for the agenda, and at 3:19 pm discovered that it had been cancelled.

Was the City planning to spring something upon the public at the last minute, but got caught red-handed? In the absence of any official statement by City officials (or a whistleblower), we may never know the full story of the cancellation. But what we DO know is that it is up to citizens to keep a close eye on every move of City Hall.

Reader Sheryl pointed out that staff are recommending two more public hearings in April. It looks like one is the main date and one a back up in the event of many speakers. Dates proposed are:

Public Hearing Tuesday, April 14 6:00 pm
Public Hearing (tentative) Thursday, April 16 6:00 pm

2 thoughts on “Public Hearing March 3 CANCELLED: Fallout from New Yaletown Supreme Court decision?

  1. the repeated need to apply for FOI to get information from committees run by Vision members, the secrecy with which Vision party staff runs the city, is truly worthy of the “Banana Republic” award.

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