Marine Gardens: park to be rezoned as tower (Original 1971 CD-1 zoning included Delta View Park in housing site) (E. Murphy, Georgia Straight)

Marine Gardens 2014 scene, 1

Marine Gardens in Marpole is an affordable townhouse family community proposed to be demolished for Concord Pacific’s new tower development. The original 1971 CD-1 zoning included a park.

This article first appeared on Georgia Straight today. Important, timely information prior to a City Council decision. Staff should answer the questions that arise. Go to the Straight article to download the original CD-1 rezoning document from 1971.


Marine Gardens: park to be rezoned as tower

Original 1971 CD-1 zoning included Delta View Park in housing site

(by Elizabeth Murphy, 26-Feb-2015)

Further to my previous commentary on Marine Gardens’ rezoning, new information has come forward that sheds light on the involvement of Delta View Park in the site.

The original 1971 CD-1 zoning of Marine Gardens was approved subject to the City of Vancouver acquiring Delta View Park as part of the site. It was incorporated as one of the lots assembled for the affordable family housing to provide open space for children to play, including a plaza.

The council notes show that the zoning was restricted to townhomes and garden apartments and that the two parcels including the park were consolidated into one. This suggests that the city’s intent was to incorporate public park space into this property as a condition of project consolidation with the reduced floor space ratio of 0.60 and underground parking to provide an open public green space and a plaza for children to play as part of the family housing project.

Marine Gardens is an affordable, livable 70-unit townhouse complex in east Marpole, built as a model community 40 years ago as part of a demonstration project for the United Nations Habitat conference held in Vancouver in 1976. The property is now proposed to be rezoned for a tower development of expensive market apartments for Concord Pacific.

The City of Vancouver council heard from speakers on Tuesday and has postponed council questions of staff to tonight at 6 p.m.

Elizabeth Murphy is a private sector project manager and was formerly a property development officer for the City of Vancouver’s housing and properties department and for B.C. Housing.

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