Elections BC releases 2014 campaign spending disclosure forms for Vancouver civic election

Elections BCThe disclosure forms for the 2014 municipal election in Vancouver and in BC are now available online. The Elections BC website can be searched by municipality, by party or candidates (link here).

As a result of changes in the reporting rules, there are separate filing for School Board races for political parties (or Elector Organizations).

Advance Poll Voting City HallCandidates who run under a political party must also file their own disclosure forms. We’ll be providing a further breakdown of spending by candidate and party in the near future.

The top spender in the last civic election was Vision Vancouver, that spent a combined $3,410,533 for the Council, Park Board and School Board races. The NPA in comparision declared $2,021,090 for spending on the campaign. The Green Party of Vancouver spent $83,396 during the 2014 civic election; their party rules do not permit donations from developers and cap contributions to a maximum of $5,000 per donor.

For further information on past election races, please see our analysis of spending during the 2011 campaign:

Snapshot of 2011 Vancouver election campaign finance (pie graph) as most numbers now in (March 19, 2012)

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