Oakridge Transit Centre (“Bus Barns”) redevelopment Open House Feb 16th (two 15-storey towers, etc.)

Bus Barns on West 41st

The City of Vancouver will be holding an Open House regarding the redevelopment policy for the Oakridge Transit Centre (also known as the “Bus Barns”). This site is one of the few large sites in the City of Vancouver that can be redeveloped in one piece; the total area of property located at 949 West 41st Avenue is 13.8 acres (5.6 ha).

SignThe Open House on Monday, February 16th will be held between 5:30pm and 8:30pm at the Van Dusen Garden Visitor Centre (at 5251 Oak Street). This is the second Open House; the first one was held on February 12th. There is also an online survey open until March 14th. Further details are available on the City’s website.

The City seeks comments on three different concepts for the Oakridge Transit Centre that will be presented at the Open House. The policy seeks to include two 15-storey towers located close to West 41st Avenue. It’s worth noting that once the present City Council adopts a “rezoning policy”, then this is often used to support subsequent rezonings.

For reference, here is a bit of history on how things really work in Vancouver. The Oakridge Centre “policy statement” years ago originally envisioned a few towers with heights of up to 16 to 17-storeys, in anticipation of the Canada Line. The heights being considered were subsequently increased to 23 to 24-storeys under former Director of Planning Brent Toderian — with the Canada Line again as the justification. Finally, prior to the rezoning of the Oakridge Centre, the tower heights were revised upwards again. The final Oakridge rezoning included towers with heights of 42 and 45-storeys. Are rezoning policies just the beginning of a slippery slope? Which individuals and entities are actually driving these processes? How much has already been decided before the public is asked for an opinion?

Photos of the Oakridge Transit Centre site are included for reference below:

Bus Barns HQ
Bus Barns on West 41st Avenue
Bus Barns
Oakridge Transit Centre
Bus Barns

Airphoto (Source: Google Maps)

Bus Barn West 41st Avenue


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