“Vancouver development process unfair, Illegal”: CANY on Supreme Court ruling

Artist rendering of proposed tower at Emery Barnes Park. The rezoning was ruled illegal.

Artist rendering of proposed tower at Emery Barnes Park. The rezoning was ruled illegal.

This court decision could be a game changer in Vancouver and British Columbia.

Further to our story yesterday (Yaletown residents win case against City of Vancouver about secret land swap 508 Helmcken: BC Supreme Court), the Community Association of New Yaletown has published an article with commentary, links, questions and answer. It is recommended reading:

Supreme Court: Vancouver Development Process Unfair, Illegal: Court Quashes Rezoning & Land Swap in New Yaletown

A couple excerpts we wish to highlight regarding citywide implications for all citizens:

  • In a decision that may have impact far beyond New Yaletown, Justice MacEwan also ruled that contrary to common practice in Vancouver, a property may not be rezoned to conflict with the City’s own Official Development Plan (ODP) for the area.
  • …It is CANY’s hope that this ruling will change the way that the City involves residents in the development process. … Full and lucid disclosure of all relevant information, an open discussion with an informed public, and council’s scrupulous consideration of public input before making its final decision are needed in all developments. All across the City….Use your voice to help ensure that all future developments get the full and fair public scrutiny that’s now required by law.

We direct our readers to the CANY article for answers to these questions:

  • Where can I learn more about the lawsuit and the ruling?
  • What was the judge’s reasoning in CANY’s win?
  • What makes the Vancouver development approval process unfair?
  • What would make a public hearing fair?
  • How did the City violate the Vancouver Charter?
  • What impact will this ruling have on the two properties?
  • Does this ruling mean a loss of needed social housing?
  • What’s next?


2 thoughts on ““Vancouver development process unfair, Illegal”: CANY on Supreme Court ruling

  1. Reblogged this on North Van City Voices and commented:
    Residents in the City of North Van have questioned many of the policies regarding public hearings and transparency (back room dealings, developer funding) for years – this ruling is very welcome to us.

  2. Sorry City: A sad & sorry state that citizens have to go to Supreme Court to deal with city hall.
    Now that there is precedent, will the top down “planning” dept. rescind permits granted improperly? Change its stonewalling policies against neighbourhood concerns about its ODP? Or continue to give community groups causes for more court cases?

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