New Park at Yukon and West 17th Avenue approved. Size doubled with street closure, bikeway retained

Yukon Street Open House

Park Board January 19 2015The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation unanimously approved a new park at Yukon Street and West 17th Avenue during a regular meeting held on January 19, 2015. The design of the park was finalized and it includes 12 new trees, a playground. The size of the park was effectively doubled (when compared to the property acquired by the City), with a street closure (on a half block of Yukon Street). The existing bikeway will be retained and three mature trees will be preserved.

One of the reasons for the selection of this site was to help provide a park that is within a 5-minute walking distance for residents. The City purchased the property on the northeast corner of the Yukon and West 17th Avenue. The road closure and engineering changes will need the approval of Council (tentatively scheduled for February 3, 2015).

Yukon and 17th Avenue ParkThree design options were previously presented to the public at two open houses. One of these Open Houses took place on the site (April 26, 2014) on the same day and along the route of the Bike the Blossoms tour. The preferred option (#2 in the Open Houses) was selected and refined; we’ve included a few of the perspectives from the staff report further below. The street closure received 90% approval from members of the public who took part in the survey and the preferred design had an 86% approval. This new park is located within the Riley Park neighbourhood (the report incorrectly states Mount Pleasant – that community starts a block to the north of the site).

The park includes a passive lawn area, berms, a small play structure and a trellis between the laneway and the back of the park. There is buffer planting along the eastern edge of the site to provide more privacy toward the house on the adjacent lot. Park Board Commissioners asked about the separation between the playground and the bike path (safety issues to be dealt with by planting), and a bench was requested along West 17th Avenue for seniors. The species of trees to be planted was not yet finalized.

The name of this park is still to be determined. It will likely be a task for the civic asset naming committee. Several concept drawings of the park and a photo of the site are included below:

Yukon Street Open House

Yukon Park

Yukon Park

Yukon Park

Yukon Park

One thought on “New Park at Yukon and West 17th Avenue approved. Size doubled with street closure, bikeway retained

  1. Didn’t they just get a park in this part of town? I’m not complaining, more parks are always good, but when GW asked about a new park we were told there was no money for a new park, despite all the additional density planned.

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