Grandview past & future: YouTube video by historian Bruce Macdonald

This is a video prepared by historian Bruce Macdonald to give a historical context for current discussions about the future of the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood of Vancouver.

Bruce is a published historian and former engineer with the City of Vancouver. He is also associated with the Vancouver Centre for Ecological Communities (VCEC). Bruce has done extensive research into land use and population, comparing changes over time in Vancouver, and has shown that areas with houses can indeed support relatively high population densities, comparable to densities in areas with towers.

CityHallWatch previous posts on this topic.

Grandview-Woodland land use plan: Top-down/political interference obvious by analysis of draft versions (one with 22 towers!) (9-Jan-2015)

City’s Grandview planning: Will The Drive survive? (Elizabeth Murphy, Special to The Province, 9-Jan-2015)

Grandview Woodland

Inside story of a botched community plan process: How top-down interference led to 20 towers proposed for Grandview-Woodland (CityHallWatch, Nov 13, 2014).

Analysis of City’s Land Use map proposed for the Grandview-Woodland Plan (CityHallWatch, July 7, 2013)

Grandview past and future Bruce Macdonald video image Jan 2015

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