Beware the Carve-Out (When City Hall doesn’t get what it wants, it chops up neighbourhoods: Case of Norquay)

Norquay vs. Grandview-Woodland Plan Skytrain
Grandview Woodland subareas vs. Norquay carve out

The single greatest surprise ever experienced by Norquay residents probably came on 2 November 2009, when then Director of Planning Brent Toderian came back at Norquay with an entirely new team of city planners.

For four months, the City of Vancouver had left the Norquay Working Group dangling and wondering ? “Whatnext?” An awkward 9 July 2009 meeting had ended with City of Vancouver grudgingly receiving a plan that was supported by a two-thirds majority of members present. This happened only after city planning pursued every possible maneuver to avoid any acknowledgment of a resident-produced plan. Well-informed external observers provided crucial support at that meeting.

The shocker after four months of silence? Going forward, the northern area of Norquay (you can see the map) would be excluded from the planning process. (As would any further “participation” by Norquay Working Group.) This large irregular SkyTrain area stretched from Nanaimo Street…

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