Short one week window for job application for Chief Inspection Official

job opening chief inspection officer

The City of Vancouver recently parted ways with Carli Edwards, who held the post of Deputy Chief Building Official until December 31, 2014. The City’s website currently shows a job opening with a ridiculously short application deadline. The job posting for Ms. Edwards’ replacement went up on January 2, 2015, and will close on January 9, 2015. Is it realistic for the City to expect to find and hire the best available talent for such an important position within a week? Or does the City already have a person in line for the job?

The person overseeing Property Use Inspections plays a very important in the City. We’ve received several reports that at least one large Vancouver real estate developer is basically exempt from inspections and can ignore defects lists. At the same time, there are homeowners who are subject to harsh inspections and who can be left hanging in a state of limbo by the City. Does the inspection office come down hard on some people and give a free pass to others? It’s worth noting that the official reason for the dismissal of Ms. Edwards was because she made renovations to her home without the required permits.

The new Property Use Inspections manager will report to Chief Planner Brian Jackson, thus removing checks and balances from the system (previously the Chief Inspections Officer would report to Brenda Prosken, further details here).

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